Painsi’s works are all about deliberately breaking canonical rules and creating startling compositions. He unites painting and collaging to make pieces that gain a corporeal dimension through their materiality. He never limits his art to classical canvases using instead humble materials: scraps and rolls of raw cotton, velour, jute or denim. In a pure intuitive act Painsi works with brushstrokes that are somehow dimensionalized, given depth, in creating lines, blotches of color and the ever-present words, names and letters on textiles that lie flat on the floor or are clipped on the wall. The accumulation of elements and forms is simultaneously being constructed and deconstructed, resulting into cartographic structures that get obscured with dynamic gestures of scribbling. Painsi’s handling of words and letters is to be understood within Futurism tradition of Carlo Carrà and Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, who’s “parole in libertà” and flowing typography had farfetched impact on modern art.